March 19, 2023. Barça-Madrid. Countdown to the classic

We are entering the most important stretch of the season and La Liga fans take out their calculators to predict the outcome of their favorite competition. The title, as usually happens, will be a matter of two: Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Barcelona March 19

The Spotify Camp Nou will host a duel that could be decisive for the future of the League championship. On Father's Day, March 19, 2023, the blaugranas and the merengues will measure their forces in a clash that paralyzes the world and is used to not disappointing. The eyes of the planet in a green of 105 x 68 meters. Anything can happen during the 90 minutes in which culés and merengues players trample on the most observed rectangle on the Earth. Almost 100,000 people will populate the stands, hundreds of cameras will take care of the details, dozens of countries will broadcast it live, millions of tweets and memes will be related to one of the events of the year.

Not so long ago, in the past decade, Barça and Real Madrid played very tense matches where there were always beautifully crafted goals, unexpected results or actions that will always remain in our retinas. The clashes of the Cristiano-Messi era, the press conferences between Guardiola and Mourinho, the tanganas, the little hands and the fingers, Pepe's rage in every action, the thrust of Sergio Ramos, the Di Maria-Puyol duels, the celebrations, the non-corridors, the emotion. Today there is hardly anyone left from before, but the atmosphere has not changed much.



What will happen this time?

Although Barcelona was weak in Europe and that cost them the elimination in the group stage of the Champions League and later in the tie against Manchester Unites in the Europa League, in the national championship they have been very solid, and lead the classification with a cushion of points over Real Madrid. Xavi Hernández's team, contrary to what happens in Europe, has conceded very few goals in the League and has lost few points. Carlo Ancelotti's Real Madrid, on the other hand, had a hard time winning the Madrid derby, but he had a puncture afterwards and left his rival a considerable advantage. 

In spite of everything, the league is not doomed, and if the whites get a victory at the Spotify Camp Nou, they will once again get fully involved with title options. The match on March 19 will be a final, since, on the other hand, if it's the culers who take the three points, they will leave the championship practically sentenced. And this league classic will be played in the middle of another battle of the classics, since on March 2 Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will face each other at the Santiago Bernabéu in the Copa del Rey semifinal.

The first leg, with losses in both teams, will serve to see with what level the two greats of the League face the final stretch of the season. On April 5, it will be the return at the Spotify Camp Nou. By the time it is decided who will go to the Cup final, the "final" of the League will already have been played. Three classics in less than a month, three exciting matches.


Key Men

Barcelona and Real Madrid, Catalonia and Spain, calçots and callos, Serrat and Sabina... so far apart and so similar? The rivalry is maximum between two cities and two clubs that always, inevitably, look askance at each other. And both teams are similar in something of the utmost importance in the world of football: the goal.

If at Barcelona, the 34-year old Robert Lewandowski is the main person in charge of bringing the ball to the rival net, at Real Madrid, the Frenchman Karim Benzema (who will reach the classic at 35) is the one who is in charge of the team with his goals and unpredictable plays. Undoubtedly, the clash will be decided in the areas, and there we find these old rockers turned into key footballers who will do everything on their part to star in another of their great live shows.


Robert Lewandowski is the reference of Xavi's team, he arrived in the summer and it didn't take long for him to score goals with anything to give his new team points. He looks happy at can Barça. Karim's thing is on another level; Anyone would say that that boy signed in the summer of 2009 and who started with doubts and being the hunting "cat" of a Mourinho who preferred to go out with "the dog" Higuaín, would end up silencing the mouths of his haters (which were many), lifting the Champions League four times, throwing the team on his back, scoring goals and getting the Ballon d'Or in 2022, when in theory he should already have been retired or playing in smaller teams. There stills the player, leading one of the teams that historically only the best play: Real Madrid.  

How to buy El Clasico tickets?

The final result will depend on the inspiration of the forward experts of each team, that's for sure. How to watch the game will depend on the needs of each fan. At home, locked in a closet, at the bar, with friends, and why not watch it live on Spotify Camp Nou? 

Football Host offers tickets for this very important football match. Fans can buy tickets for the classic between Barça and Madrid. In addition, the platform also offers experiences at the Camp Nou together with local fanssuch as the one offered by the Mexican and culé Héctor Alcaraz or the football coach Pablo Hernández. They offer the possibility of living the classic as one more Barcelona fan, in an authentic, safe, fun, cultural and gastronomic experience. And it is that the day of the classic, one has to live the game as it deserves, in an intense way, enjoy the moment to the fullest, because it will be a moment that will last forever. It depends on you how and with whom you will see another of the classics so as not to forget.


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