Barcelona-Manchester United, to follow or not to follow

You can already buy tickets for the Europa League matches between Barcelona and Manchester United. Despite the fact that, during the preseason, expectations were high for both clubs, now they will have to face each other in the round of 16 of a second-level competition, which they cling to like a burning nail, with the pressure that comes with facing a early European elimination. It will be to follow or not to follow, to be or not to be, in an exciting tie that will surely end in drama for one of the two teams. The good times are not that far away.

A european classic 

Despite the fact that the English and Catalans are two classics of continental football, they did not see each other in European competition until the 83-84 season, when the Argentine star Diego Armando Maradona was a member of Barça who faced Manchester United in the quarterfinals. end of the extinct Recopa. On that occasion, the Red Devils were able to come back from a 2-0 loss at the Camp Nou, leaving Barça in yellow on one of the great nights at Old Trafford, which vibrated with a historic 3-0. A few years later, the two teams would meet again in the 1991 Cup Winners' Cup final, with Sir Alex Ferguson and Johan Cruyff on the bench, in a final remembered as "the revenge of Mark Hughes", United's Welsh striker who He had gone through Barcelona with much pain and little glory and that day he was so inspired that he scored the two goals that gave the English the title.

During the 90's, both clubs would enter a period of effervescence that would lead them to dominate their national championships. In 1994, they finally met in the Champions League, but this time, Cruyff's Barcelona defeated Sir Alex Ferguson's United in a game the Scottish coach would never forget.

“Barcelona was the one that taught me to play the Champions League. When we lost 4-0 at the Camp Nou, we had to draw many conclusions that helped us win this competition. We owe Barça a lot."

From that resounding defeat, Ferguson drew positive conclusions, he learned to compete with much more rhythm, and it was precisely in Barcelona where Manchester United would lift the second European Cup in its history in 1999, after winning Bayern Munich in extremis so miraculous. That season, Ferguson's men fought two impressive battles against Aloysius Paulus Maria Van Gaal's Barça during the group stage, and in both Manchester and Barcelona the score was the same: 3-3. Two games of those who are fans. 

They would not meet again in Europe until 2008, when they disputed a place in the Champions League final. By the minimum, Ferguson's men beat a Barça de Rijkaard in low hours. That season the English club would once again lift the maximum continental title. A year later, with Josep Guardiola on the culé bench, they would face each other in the grand final, the only Champions League matchup that Messi has faced with Cristiano Ronaldo and that Barcelona won 2-0.



In those wonderful years for Barça, they would once again beat Manchester United in the 2011 Champions League final, at the mythical Wembley stadium; and after an impressive display of football, Alex Ferguson had no choice but to give in to Pep Guardiola's game: "nobody has ever given us such a beating". Word of the coach who knew what it is to face Barça de Cruyff, Van Gaal, Rijkaard and Guardiola.

In 2019, without Ferguson on the bench, Barça and Manchester United met for the last time, it was in the quarterfinals of the Champions League and Barça won both the first leg and the second leg. Gone were the great years of United.

Next matches in Europa League

Neither Barça nor Manchester United have proven to be the teams that were fighting for European glory in recent seasons. For the first time, they will face each other in the Europa League and the match will capture the attention of all football fans. The fans already want to buy tickets for Barcelona-Manchester United on February 16, 2023. The Spotify Camp Nou will dress up for a match that has always been synonymous with the Champions League and for which it will be difficult to acquire tickets.

At Football Host, fans can buy tickets for Barcelona matches, but also experiences like the one offered by local fan Héctor, who is looking forward to the next match at the Camp Nou Spotify.

"It doesn't matter if it's in the Europa League, these two teams have a lot of football tradition and have always played good football, there are many stars in both teams and I'm sure that the game will not disappoint anyone."

If you want you can enjoy the experience of watching Barcelona-Manchester United accompanied by a local fan.

Faithful to good football

Despite the fact that in recent seasons both Barça and United have not lived up to the times, both teams have not given up on style, that is, they continue with their firm commitment to attacking football, playing in the opposite field, under pressure high and have possession of the ball for as long as possible to continuously generate chances. 
Xavi Hernández, who knows what it is to win two Champions League finals as a player for Manchester United, follows the premises of that total football that came to Barça in the 70s at the hands of the Dutchman Rinus Michels and which gave such good results to his compatriots Cruyff, Rijkaard, Van Gaal and also the precursor of indoor soccer in Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola. But, another Dutch school coach and assistant to Guardiola in his time at Bayern Munich will sit on the Manchester United bench: Erik Ten Hag.
In spite of everything, whether it continues or not, whatever happens in this exciting tie, the style will continue to be non-negotiable.


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