Current Situation of the Covid-19 in Football

The tragic pandemic that is hitting the world has also completely affected the world of football, paralyzing most competitions.

Covid 19 European Leagues


In Europe, for the moment most countries have chosen to suspend football until April 4, although seeing the evolution of the covid-19 the organizers of the different leagues have already announced that the suspension could be extended until the end of the month. The main European leagues in this situation are: La Liga (Spain), Premier League (England), Ligue 1 (France), Serie A (Italy) and Bundesliga (Germany). The Eredivisie (Netherlands) has been suspended until April 1 and the Premier League (Russia) until 10.

Others, however, have chosen to suspend competitions indefinitely, until further notice, such as Liga NOS (Portugal), Premier League (Ukraine), Super League (Greece), Jupiter Pro League (Belgium) as well as the Champions League and Europa League. The Super League (Turkey) is one of the few European leagues that resists the coronavirus and for the moment continues to play its matches normally.


In America they have also joined the measures taken by the European leagues and there are already many countries that have suspended football matches. In the USA, MLS has been suspended until April 12, the Argentine Super League until March 31, and in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico or Uruguay, all football has been

Covid 19 Primera División Argentina

suspended indefinitely. The CONMEBOL Libertadores has also chosen to temporarily suspend all the games scheduled for this March.

And as for the Asian continent (where the virus originated), it was the first continent to paralyze football indefinitely. Some of the main affected leagues are: Super League (China), J1 League (Japan) and K League 1 (South Korea). However, although China no longer registers new cases of coronavirus and where the disease seems to be already controlled, the organizers of the Super League have decided to wait a little longer to resume the championship. It must be remembered that in the case of China they have not been playing since January 30.


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