"Asado" chez un fan des All Boys

le Stade des îles Falkland, with a capacity of 21.000 spectators, hosts all the All Boys matches à la maison.


le team maintains a historical rivalry with Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield, due to its geographical proximity, but also and above all with Club Atlético Nueva Chicago with whom it disputes the famous Ascension Superclassique, so named because it faces the two clubs that have been for more years in the second division and that more times they have faced each other for pomotion to Argentine super league. The All Boys also has a historical rivalry with Argentinos Juniors due to their proximity between the two neighborhoods, that is why this confrontation is known as le classique du quartier.
Undoubtedly the All Boys is one of those neighborhood teams where football is lived in a much more intense and passionate way, for many the true essence of football, where rivalries are taken to the extreme and where being able to win a derby is it becomes a triumph celebrated as if it were a title.

Waldo's friends and family

Our most representative All Boys host is Waldo Fernández, a club member born in the neighborhood who defines himself as a lover of the white and black team. Since he was a child he always goes to the Islas Malvinas stadium with his friends and family, something that has become a tradition every weekend, since if the team plays as a visitor Waldo does not hesitate to organize a trip with his friends and cross the country if necessary.


The All Boys experience with Waldo begins 6 hours before the match, in the center of Buenos Aires, where he will pick you up and take you to his house to enjoy an authentic Argentine "asado" surrounded by other fans. Waldo with other fansA unique experience since you can see how the pre-match of an All Boys game is lived and enjoy the festive atmosphere in first person. During the pre-match there will be plenty of chants to encourage the team as well as good music, food and drinks. The perfect setting to chat for a while with your host and friends and learn about the local customs of the fans. A unique opportunity to enjoy the true ritual of barbecue, cooked by an Argentine in his own house, something you will not find in any restaurant. Waldo will open the doors of his house to you like one of the family, without a doubt one of our most affable and hospitable hosts.


Waldo has his season passes located in the best area of the stadium, behind the benches, where you will have a magnificent view of the entire stadium and the players. Together with your host, who will accompany you at all times, you will sing, jump and dance the main songs of the team during the 90 minutes until you run out of strength., as the insatiable fans of the All Boys dictate. At the end of the match, Waldo will accompany you again to the meeting point where your experience with our host will end.

Islas malvinas stadium


If you want to know from the inside how to live the pre-match of an All Boys game attending a local fan's house and experience a match in the Islas Malvinas stadium in person, do not hesitate to buy All Boys billets sur Football Host et choisissez notre hôte Waldo !


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