Restrictions et capacité Ligues européennes 2021/2022

During the 2020/21 season, the great European teams have not been able to count on the unconditional support of their fans. Only during the last few days were some teams able to feel the warmth of the local fans again, although with great restrictions and a very limited capacity. Below we analyze the allowed capacity with which the main leagues will start next season.


Most European competitions will start their respective league championships in August. Regarding the capacity planned for those dates, the Une ligue et le première ligue have confirmed for the moment the entry of 25% and 30% respectively.

In the case of France and Ligue 1, the country will remain in a state of emergency until September. They are currently in the de-escalation phase and plans to reopen the stadiums on June 9, although it will only allow entry to a maximum of 5,000 spectators.

Bundesliga 2021/2022

En ce qui concerne la Bundesliga, without a doubt Germany is one of the most restrictive countries in this sense, for the moment it has only allowed very small capacity (20%) and in small stadiums. In addition, in some cases it has been mandatory that all attendees were vaccinated against covid, as happened on the last matchday of the league at the An der Alten Försterei stadium in the match between Union Berlin and Leipzig. Even so, it is expected that by the start of next season a capacity of 20% will be allowed in most stadiums.

Portugal is also very strict in this context, since it was not until the last day of the League that they allowed access to the stadiums. At the moment, the next Appelez-nous is scheduled to start with the same restrictions, a 10% local fans capacity and with a quick test for all spectators.

In the case of the Eredivisie, it is a mystery, since the season ended with all the matches behind closed doors after they did some 15% capacity tests in April. Thus, it is expected that by the start of next season the number of infections will have decreased and it will be possible to return to the capacity of 10-15% with a quick test for all attendees.

LA LIGA billets

La Liga billets 2021/2022

The last La Liga Santander ended up allowing an entry of 30% or a maximum of 5,000 people only in those stadiums that were in autonomous communities in phase 1 of the de-escalation. Barça, Madrid, Atlético and Sevilla among others could not enjoy the public in their stadiums throughout the season.

Pour le next season 2021/2022 it is expected that the capacity of 30% can be produced in all stadiums. The distance of 1.5 meters between attendees must also be guaranteed, both on the sides and in front of and behind the seats. It will also be mandatory to take the temperature of all spectators before entering the stadium and stagger the entrances and exits of the venue. Eating and drinking inside the stadium will be prohibited and the use of an FFP2 mask will also be mandatory.

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