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In 1899 the Lyon Olympique Universitaire was founded, a team that later in 1950 became the current Olympique Lyonnais.  Lyon matches.


Christophe Venet was born in Lyon in 1985. His three children were also born in the city of Lyon and currently he lives and works there. He spent 9 months studying in Spain and 6 months working in Bolivia, so apart from speaking French, he also speaks Spanish and English. After working for more than 10 years as a financial employee at companies in Lyon, he decided to start his own business a few months ago. He is the founder of a travel agency specialized in the sale of football billets and packages, this allows him to enjoy his greatest passion every day.

Teatro Romano Lyon

He has been a fan of the club since he was born, his father transmitted to him the passion for the club and the values to be a good Disparu.  couchsurfing, hosting tourists from all over the world at his home for free. Throughout these years, he hosted more than 50 tourists, who taught them about the city and French culture.


le Olympique Lyonnais experience begins around 3 pm in the city center, on Place Bellecour.  Fourvière Hill where the famous Notre-Dame basilica and the Metallic Tower are located. Then he will lead you through the Traboules, the secret alleys of Lyon, and when you leave these you will arrive at the Gallo-Roman Theater. Throughout the tour, Christophe will tell you the history of the city, like a real tour guide! After seeing the main tourist attractions of the city, our host will finish this tour in the official store of the Olympique Lyonnais, so you can buy a souvenir and dress for the occasion.

Host Christophe

Before going to the stadium to watch the game, you will have dinner at the Bouchon restaurant, where you can savor typical Lyon food.  Derby du Rhône that faces Lyon against Saint Etienne, or during a match against Olympique de Marseille or Paris Saint-Germain, the field is 100% full and the atmosphere is still more spectacular.

Christophe's seats are located in an excellent position, in the tribune area behind the benches, without a doubt the best area of the stadium to watch the match. Our host will sit next to his guests so that you feel accompanied at all times and he can explain anecdotes and curiosities of one of the largest teams in France.

At the end of the match he will accompany you to the meeting point, where you will end the experience with Football Host.

Groupama Stadium

HOW TO BUY LYON billets?

If you want to be the next guest of our host and get to know the city of Lyon and experience a match in the Groupama stadium first hand, buy your Lyon billetssur Football Host!

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