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  • Information about River Plate:

    Club Atlético River Plate, popularly known as River Plate or simply River, is an Argentine club founded in 1901. River was always one of the most important clubs in South America. He won 38 official championships, including: 33 local titles, 4 Copa Libertadores (1986 and 1996), 1 Supercopa (1997) and 1 Intercontinental Cup. Known as "Gallinas" since the 1960s and as "Los Millonarios" since the 1930s.

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  • Information about Antonio Vespucio Liberti stadium:

    The Antonio Vespucio Liberti Stadium, also known as Monumental was founded on May 26, 1938 and belongs to Club Atlético River Plate. It is located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a capacity for 79,000 people, it is one of the biggest stadiums in the country, and also belongs to the national team.

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 "When purchasing your tickets, consider that 90% of them are physical and
delivered at your destination. Depending on the team, these can be disposable
paper tickets, single-use plastic cards, or season passes that are returned.
Although e-tickets are becoming more common, they are still less prevalent.
 Tickets are usually available 48 hours before the match, not earlier. If you
haven't received your tickets during the week of the match, don't worry; the
club hasn't yet done the delivery.

 Ticket delivery typically takes place at the reception of your hotel in Argentina,
unless you specify an alternative delivery address. This ensures convenience
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 Although physical tickets are more expensive than season passes, they offer
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