The marvelous season of Europa

The marvelous season of Europa

In the Vila de Gràcia, glories are returning. Not even the most veteran escapulats fans remember such an energetic effervescence of their entity, the Club Esportiu Europa. From the prebenjamins to the first men's team, 2024 is proving to be another year of success for the white and blue club. Alongside the successes of a continuously growing talent pool and with the promotion of the reserve team to the Tercera Federación, the first team will reach the final match of the league with the possibility of becoming champions of the Segunda Federación after a wonderful season.

From September to May, Europa's fans have enjoyed their team and have seen how they have been clearly superior to all the rivals in the upper part of the classification. This season, Europa has won both derbies against its main rival, UE Sant Andreu, although the quadribarrats have also had a notable season and will play promotion play-offs. In September, at the match at the Nou Sardenya, Europa imposed itself with a clear 3-0, and in January, it conquered the Narcís Sala with a 2-3 not suitable for sensitive hearts. In addition to the derby, Europa has also won at home against Hèrcules (1-0), Lleida (2-0), and Badalona Futur (2-1), teams that are seeking promotion and that have also failed to defeat Europa as visitors. The club from the Vila de Gràcia has been the highest scoring team in the league, and in the memory of the fans remains the 6-0 against Peña Deportiva in one of the matches played excellently. Additionally, Europa is the team that has lost the fewest matches (5), and at times during the season, it seemed to follow the well-known rule of "the English average": draw away and win at home, taking advantage of the impressive atmosphere at the Nou Sardenya.

If the Nou Sardenya is a pressure cooker where the legs of rival defenders tremble, it is partly thanks to its animation stand, the Eskapulats. Founded as a group in 2013, these young people never stop cheering with original and catchy chants, creating a warm atmosphere that makes fans want to return to the next match. Eskapulats has a lot to do with the sporting and social growth of Europa. It all starts in the stands.

On the field, Ignasi Senabre's men seem to enjoy themselves as much as the fans. They have fun while playing, it shows, and the coach has known how to take advantage of his players. Always looking for ways to reach the opponent's goal, treating the ball well, without abusing the typical high ball so common in the category. In Segunda Federación, you can play very well if you have players like Pau López, Verdú, or Àlex Pla. The season that Eslava is having is absolutely outstanding, making differences with his elegance and persistence. Up front, Servetti and Adri Gené rarely miss their opportunities. Europa is a team that constantly creates opportunities, and this sometimes catches them off guard in defense. But there is Àlex Cano, the eternal captain, the man who has never lost a dispute and who gives security in defense, and in attack, because when he steps into the area, he is a danger and always appears to score whenever the team needs it. One day they will erect a statue of Àlex Cano in the Vila.

But Europa is a genuine club, and it is not a reference only on the field. The club is proud to be a reference in the fight against racism, fascism, homophobia, sexism, and bullying. The club is also great in values.


CE Europa vs Espanyol B tickets

And next Sunday, May 5th at 12 p.m., this club with a glorious past (it was a founder of the Primera Divisió) can write its best page of its modern history: promotion to Primera Federació. The match against Espanyol B could mean the league championship and direct promotion if Hèrcules does not win against Lleida in Alicante, provided that Europa wins at home.

It will be another great entry at the Nou Sardenya, and Football Host still has tickets at €15 (official price of the club) so you can also join the party. However, we recommend arriving early at the Nou Sardenya to avoid queues, selecting your seat in the stands, or enjoying the good cuisine at La Chus bar (inside the stadium), because Europa has it all, and in the Vila de Gràcia, glories have already returned.



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