• Information about Las Palmas:

    UD Las Palmas, simply known as Las Palmas, is a spanish football club founded in 1949 and based in Las Palmas, Canary Islands. Its main rival is CD Tenerife , the other important team in Canary Islands. Their matches are called the Canary Islands Derby. Las Palmas has played 34 seasons in Primera División (last one was season 2017-18) and 29 in Segunda División.Buy your Las Palmas football tickets and enjoy a complete matchday with local fans!

  • Information about Gran Canaria stadium:

    The Gran Canaria stadium was opened in 2003 in the city of Las Palmas. Its capacity is 32.400 seats. This stadium is the largest sports venue in the Canary Islands.Get your Gran Canaria stadium tickets and enjoy a fantastic football experience in Canary Islands!

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