• Information about Velez Sarsfield:

    The Vélez Sarsfield simply known as Vélez, was founded on January 1, 1910. In 1919, Vélez Sarsfield obtains his first ascent to First Division.
    In 1940 Vélez suffers his first and only descent of category. Was champion for the first time on December 29, 1968. Championships: National Tournament 1968, Tournament Closing 1993, Copa Libertadores de América 1994, Copa Europea Sudamericana - Intercontinental 1994, Tournament Apertura 1995, Inter-American Cup 1996, Tournament Closing 1996, Supercopa 1996, Recopa Sudamericana 1997, Tournament Closing 1998, Tournament Closing 2005, Closing Tournament 2009, Closing Tournament 2011, Initial Tournament 2012, SuperFinal Argentine Tournament 2012/2013, Supercopa Argentina 2014.
    How to buy Velez Sarsfield tickets: Find your match, select your host and buy your Velez tickets!

  • Information about José Amalfitani stadium:

    The José Amalfitani stadium, popularly known as El Fortin, has a capacity of 49,540 people. It is located in the district of Liniers, Buenos Aires. Undoubtedly, one of the stadiums with the best panoramic view.Get your Jose Amalfitani tickets and enjoy the best neighbourhood football in Buenos Aires. The experience will be fantastic!

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