• Information about Belgrano:

    The Club Atlético Belgrano was founded on March 19, 1905, in the city of Córdoba. One of the biggest teams in the province of Córdoba.know as "Los Piratas".
    The name of the team is in honor of Manuel Belgrano, creator of the Argentine flag. and the colors are for the flag.
    Belgrano will be remembered forever for his promotion on June 26, 2011, because that afternoon, at the Monumental stadium, he gave a blow to the history of world football and sent the second division to River Plate. One of the teams for live the football experience.

  • Information about Julio César Villagra stadium:

    The Julio César Villagra stadium is known as "Gigante de Alberdi", it is in the neighborhood of Alberdi, city of Córdoba. Its capacity is 30,500 people.
    Get your tickets for the Julio César Villagra stadium and enjoy the experience with a local fan.

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