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  • Information about Lugo:

    The CD Lugo, simply known as Lugo, is a Spanish football club founded in 1953 in the Galician city of Lugo. It currently plays in the Second Division, a category in which it has played 7 seasons throughout its history. The colors of his shirt are red and white with vertical stripes. It is for this reason that its nickname is "alvibermellos".Buy your Lugo football tickets with one of our hosts and enjoy the best local football in Galicia!

  • Information about Anxo Carro stadium:

    This Anxo Carro stadium, also known as Ángel Carro, was opened in 1974 in Lugo. It´s the home stadium of CD Lugo. The stadium is called Ángel Carro as he was the man who ordered the construction and also an important person in the clty.Get your Anxo Carro tickets and don´t miss the oportunity to enjoy this football experience with local fans.

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