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  • Information about Central Córdoba:

    Club Atlético Central Córdoba, better known as Central Córdoba, is an argentinian football team that was founded on June 3, 1919. His classic rival is Club Atlético Güemes.
    Now the team participates in First Division but many years ago, this club from Santiago del Estero formed great players that were important for another local teams and also for other countries. One example is Teófilo Juárez, the first argentinian football player who was sent to Spain.
    Live the experience with a local fan and buy your Central Cordoba tickets!

  • Information about Alfredo Terrera:

    The Alfredo Terrera stadium is in Santiago del Estero, a magnificent province of Argentina, with many local traditions that you can enjoy.
    The stadium has a capacity for 23.500 spectators and a great match is guaranteed. So, choose the match, choose your host and live the full experience.

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