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  • Information about Clermont:

    The Clermont Foot 63, simply known as Clermont, is a french football club that plays in Ligue 1 of France. The club was founded in 1911 by the name of Stade Clermontois, but by the year of 1984, the fusion with the ASM created a new team.
    The place in Ligue 1 is new for Clermont. In 2021, the team got the chance to play for the first time in First Division.
    Get the chance to see this promising team. Buy your Clermont tickets and live the experience like never before.

  • Information about Stade Gabriel Montpied:

    The Stade Gabriel Montpied is located in Champratel, near the city of Clermont-Ferrand. And got this name in honor of the former Mayor of the city: Gabriel Montpied, who dies in 1991.
    The stadium was inaugurated in 1995 and has a capacity for 10.800 people. But with the strong idea of a reform which includes almost 20.000 seats more, and the possibility of make there concerts and important internationals shows.
    Buy your Clermont tickets and live the experience at the Stade Gabriel Montpied with a local fan.

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