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  • Information about Magdeburg:

    1. FC Magdeburg, simply known as Magdeburg, is a german football team founded in 1965. The team played in East Germany, in the DDR-Oberliga and had some titles, such as: 7 cup titles and 3 championships.
    When Germany was reunificated, the team had hard times and became professional by 2015. The club has some notable football players, like: Jürgen Sparwasser, Martin Hoffmann, Joachim Streich and Wolfgang Steinbach.
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  • Information about MDCC-Arena:

    The MDCC-Arena is a multi-use stadium, located in Magdeburg. It hosts the matches of FC Magdeburg.
    The stadium was opened in 2006 and has a capacity for 21.510 people seated.
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