• Information about Quilmes:

    Quilmes Atlético Club is an argentinian football team, located in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, since 1887. The club is currently playing in Primera Nacional, the Second Division in Argentina.
    The club has 2 First Division titles (1912 and 1978) and has the record of 11 promotions to First Division. The Clásico Quilmeño (derbi of Quilmes) is against Argentino de Quilmes.
    Quilmes has 15.000 affiliates and many sports to practise, such as: tennis, basketball, volley, swimming and gimnastics.
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  • Information about Estadio Centenario Ciudad de Quilmes:

    The Estadio Centenario Ciudad de Quilmes is the stadium where Quilmes plays home ground, since 1995, with a capacity for more than 30.000 spectators.
    The original stadium was built in 1898, and then moved in 1916 until 1987 that the president announced the construction of a new one. Finally, the Estadio Centenario Ciudad de Quilmes was inaugurated in 1995.
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