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Liga Argentina

Newells Old Boys gegen Indep. Rivadavia Erfahrungen

Newells Old Boys gegen Indep. Rivadavia Erfahrungen

July 23, 2024, 18:45hs - Marcelo Alberto Bielsa

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This is an experience. Apart from including the ticket, you can also enjoy the pre-match or post-match with the host of your choice, who will also be with you during the match. If you just want the ticket, go to the tickets section.
Es ist verboten, mit dem rival isie renden Hemd einzutreten. Nehmen Sie Ihren Ausweis mit, sie werden Sie am Eingang fragen.
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The Package includes:
-Newells Old Boys vs Indep. Rivadavia Tickets
-Tickets together guaranteed
-You will live the prematch, the match & the postmatch with a local fan who will accompany you (click on the name of the host to see what their experience includes)

-Delivery: You will receive an email with the host's details and he will contact you to arrange a meeting time. The host will also give you the tickets.
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