Ascenso: Exploring the Passion of Argentine

Ascenso: Exploring the Passion of Argentine

Argentina, the land of football passion, extends beyond the bright lights of the top division.The true heart of Argentine football beats in the second division, a vibrant world that Football Host has discovered and celebrates. We dive into a unique experience, highlighting the unparalleled atmosphere in Primera Nacional stadiums, surpassing even the allure of top-tier teams.

An outstanding ambassador for this experience is Javier from Deportivo Morón, an honorary club member and passionate host. Javier not only welcomes you but guides you through a detailed tour of the stadium, sharing stories and secrets that only a true lover of local football knows. His personal touch goes further, ensuring you find the best spot to enjoy the game.

But the magic doesn't end with Morón. Football Host offers unforgettable experiences at stadiums like All Boys, Ferro Carril Oeste, Almagro, and Defensores de Belgrano. Each has its own essence, a blend of passion, history, and the promise of an authentic football spectacle. The connection with the local community is felt in every corner, and our experiences are designed for you to fully immerse yourself in this unique atmosphere.

At All Boys, the energy is contagious. The Ferro stadium is the oldest in Argentine football – you have to see it!. In Almagro, history intertwines with the present, and in Defensores de Belgrano, you feel the determination of football warriors. Our commitment at Football Host is to bring these experiences to fans worldwide, highlighting the richness of grassroots football.



Football Host doesn't just sell tickets; we become storytellers, connecting fans with the pulsating heart of Argentine ascenso football. We want you to feel the same passion we do, to experience football as the locals do, in stadiums full of history and emotion.

In a world where grassroots football often goes unnoticed, at Football Host, we are committed to giving it visibility. We want the world to see the beauty, intensity, and authenticity of these encounters. Through each experience in second division stadiums, we are weaving a global network of football lovers who share the same devotion to authentic play.

So, join us at Football Host and discover Argentine ascenso football in a way that goes beyond the ordinary. Let the passion of local stadiums envelop you, and let the history of each club captivate you. We are here to celebrate football in its purest form and to give it the recognition it deserves in every corner of the world.

See you at the stadium!

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