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  • Information about FC Köln:

    The Fussal Club Köln, better known as FC Köln, is a german football team, located on the Rin-Ruhr region. Was founded on 13 February, 1948, from the fusion of  Koelner Ballspiel Club (KBC) and Suelz Sports Association. Great players like Harald Anton Schumacher, Pierre Litbarski, Hennes Lohr wore the white and red shirt.
    FC Köln is the numer 8 in the historical ranking  of german First Division, with 3 Bundesliga titles, as the first german champion back on 1963, when the tournament was created. Then FC Köln won 4 times the German Cup and once made a place in the final of the UEFA Cup on 1986. Definetely is a team that you must see playing.
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  • Information about Rhein Energie Stadion:

    The Rhein Energie Stadion is located in the city of Köln, Germany and was inaugurated on 1923, but had a different name. On 2002 was reformated for the Football World Cup, that took place on 2006.
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