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  • Information about FIFA World Cup:

    The most important football tournament is, without a doubt, the FIFA World Cup. This championship is held every 4 years and the best 32 selected, who compete in previous years, classify against those who belong to the same continent. 
    Then a draw is made to assemble the 8 groups of 4 teams each. Once the World Cup has started, 3 games are played in the first round, against the 3 teams belonging to the group. The 2 with the most points will continue to the next round and then play to win or win. 
    The dream of all the teams is to win the World Cup, but few have achieved it. The top winners are Brazil, with 5 cups, and Germany, with 4. This football event draws huge crowds and, even though it is always held at a different venue, fans will do whatever it takes to catch a match for their country. Get your tickets for a FIFA World Cup match and ask about the possibility of living the experience with a fan.

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