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  • Information about Gelsenkirchen:

    Gelsenkirchen is a German city is a very old city that grew enormously in the years of the Industrial Revolution. Its development also caused the population in the region to grow and cultural interests to expand.
    As usual in Germany, in Gelsenkirchen you can enjoy a beer and a plate of sausages or, why not? Try the sauerkraut or the typical pretzels.
    These delicacies and more German dishes are great companions to a good football game. Schalke 04 is the most popular club in the city since it participates in the Bundesliga, the First Division of German football.
    Do not miss the opportunity to see Schalke 04 or some other team if you are passing through Gelsenkirchen. Contact Football Host and ask for tickets and for the complete experience with a local fan.

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