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  • Information about San Martín Tucumán:

    Club Atlético San Martín de Tucumán is an argentinian football club founded in 1909 in Tucumán province, Argentina. The name of the club is in honor of the militar José de San Martín.
    The team participated in 20 seasons of the First Division and is currently playing in Primera Nacional, the Second Division in Argentina. The classic rival is Atlético de Tucumán.
    You can see this match and many more in Tucumán. Choose your host and buy your San Martín de Tucumán tickets to live an experience like never before.

  • Information about Estadio La Ciudadela:

    The Estadio La Ciudadela is the San Martín de Tucumán stadium, located in Tucumán, with a capacity for more than 25.000 people. 
    The stadium was founded in 1932 and the name La Ciudadela is because of the fort that was there during the Batalla de Tucumán (Tucuman's battle), decisive for argentinian independence.
    Get your San Martín de Tucumán tickets and enjoy the experience with a local fan in this historical province.

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