• Information about Club Nacional:

    Club Nacional Football was founded in 1899 by a group of young people born in Uruguay. These fans in the sport turned the team into the first Creole club in America, since those that emerged were mainly created by European immigrants. 
    Nacional is called the Dean of Uruguayan Football for maintaining its category since its debut in 1901 and for having achieved more than 50 titles throughout its history. Buy your tickets to see the Club Nacional and live an unforgettable experience with a local fan.

  • Information about Gran Parque Central Stadium:

    The Gran Parque Central Stadium is one of the most important in Uruguay. It is located in Montevideo and was created in the year 1900, although it was later rebuilt in 1923, 1944 and 2005. While in 2014 an extension was carried out, for which today 34,000 people enter. 
    It is considered historical for having so much uninterrupted permanence receiving national and international football players. Since it is a World Cup stadium. Do not hesitate to visit the Gran Parque Central Stadium. Buy your tickets and check with Football Host for the complete experience with a fan.

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