The passion is back

The passion is back

Everything you need to know about the return of Argentine football

The Argentine league has returned, the one with the best atmosphere in the stands, the one with matches suspended due to quilombos (mess), the one with the best anecdotes and statements, the people's league, the fun on the pitch, asados (barbecue) and Fernet Branca, a league of passion and tanganas, and, of course, Football Host tells you everything you need to know about the return of football in the world champion country. Favorites, reinforcements and how the biggest tournament on the planet will be played. And we say the largest because it will have 28 participating teams. But beware, there will also be relegation, because in the Argentine First Division they do not aspire to reach a league of 100 teams as many people in Europe think.

As we told you, football is back in Argentina and it has three great favourites: Racing, River Plate and Boca Juniors. Much further behind are (a priori) other greats such as Independiente and San Lorenzo. But Football Host, in addition to these five, we invite you to pay close attention to Argentinos Juniors and Huracán

Fighting from below, teams like Tigre, Vélez and Colón will appear, who will quietly seek to surprise and get closer to the top. We believe that it will be a very close tournament, since many of the candidates will also be playing international tournaments and if something characterizes this one, it is that feats always exist. The uncertainty for us will be in Rosario, as Newell's Old Boys and Rosario Central know that they are capable of anything and very capable of nothing.

As for the lower part of the averages (the means by which the descents to the second category are defined), let us also remember that the last of the annual table will descend directly, the most complicated are the recently promoted Belgrano and Instituto, added to Arsenal, Platense, and Central Córdoba. These clubs must add points if they want to remain in the elite of Argentine football.

The Professional League will have a 27-game format where everyone will face everyone, starting on January 27 and ending on August 5. While the Professional League Cup will start on August 20, and will end on December 16. There will be two zones of 14 teams each, with 14 days, since there will be interzonal. The first four of each zone will play the quarterfinals, from there, it will be by knock out.

Football Host knows that you are interested in when River Plate and Boca Juniors will face each other. The Superclásico will be on matchday 15, at the Más Monumental Stadium.

And we are going to jump into the pool and pretend to be football analysts, dissecting the big five, the candidates for the title, and those who will fight not to be relegated.


Imagine a team coached by a disciple of Josep Guardiola and where Fernando Redondo's son plays, that's Argentinos Juniors. El Bicho will play the Copa Libertadores 2023, but he will not put aside the tournament looking to fight in all competitions. Gabriel Milito's team proposes a football similar to that preached by Pep Guardiola, but once he manages to get ahead, he closes his lines well so as not to suffer. It is a strong and fighting team, if they have to play, play, but if they have to throw themselves into the mud, they do that too.

Argentinos will cause people to talk, although they do not have much replacement, since many players left, such as Nicolás Reniero and Andrés Roa, for example, they have also strengthened in the areas they believed were necessary, with players like Facundo Ferreyra and Francisco Metilli.

Prediction: For Football Host, Argentinos will be in the top 5. Can you surprise? We think so, but it will depend more on the results you get as a visitor.

Player to watch: Federico Redondo 

Tickets are sold to see Argentinos Juniors. Very good game is expected.


El Globito, like Argentinos, qualified for the Copa Libertadores 2023, which means that it has double competition. But with the help of Diego Davobe, they have already shown more than enough that they are a solid team and that they strike at the right time.

Huracán has very important casualties such as Franco Cristaldo, last goal scorer, and Benjamín Garré, one of his figures. Although the departure of Lucas Merolla could also suffer.

Holding and verticality, Davobe never shows his cards, he can cover different styles of play, always accommodating to what the rival proposes. His pulse does not tremble if the team must be delayed, it is undoubtedly one of the most versatile teams. The coach correctly analyzed the transfer market and hired players like Valentín Burgoa, Gastón Sauro and Lucas Castro, who we believe will be the highlights among the new ones.

Prediction: For Football Host, Huracán can reach the podium of the tournament, but it will depend a lot on not suffering losses due to injury, since he does not have much of a replacement.

Player to watch: Valentin Burgoa


 If you want to visit the Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium, do not hesitate to contact a host through Football Host. There will be atmosphere in Huracan. 


In Rojo de Avellaneda begins the era of Leandro Stillitano at the helm of the team. He still hasn't shown everything he wants to achieve in the team, but if we see an improvement and an attempt to be protagonists, will he succeed? We think so, but we shouldn't be too quick to judge how Stillitano's set works.

In Independiente there was a large change of players, they reinforced the goal with one of the best goalkeepers in Argentine football, Rodrigo Rey, and there are also changes of air in the attack with Mauricio Cuero and Martín Cauteruccio. From what we've seen so far, the coach is trying to build defensive strength and then build from there. It will be interesting to follow Independiente because we are not sure what he can give.

Prediction: We believe, from what we have seen so far, that in times of change he will be among the top 10, gaining access to some international cup.

Player to watch: Cristian Baez


What an atmosphere there is always in Independiente! 


El Cuervo has had many ups and downs, but with Rubén Dario Insúa there are positive changes. It is a team that has a hard time keeping the ball, but little by little and with a lot of work, little by little things are turning out better.

With more ups than downs, San Lorenzo will seek to find the form of play in which they feel really comfortable and above all, in which they get more points, since averages should not be trusted too much, although they have air, it is not much the advantage.

Football Host does not believe that the Cuervo can get into the cup zone, but we do not dare to call it a disappointment, because it is a bit what is expected of this team.

Prediction: We believe that it will be a team that ends in the middle of the table. Hopefully he can make the grade and fight up front, Argentine football needs him.

Player to watch: Carlos Sanchez


Will the good days return to the San Lorenzo field? El Cuervo is unknown


Marcelo Gallardo's departure puzzled the River world, but he quickly hired Martín Demichelis, who has just led the Bayern Munich reserve. Demichelis will follow the line of work of El Muñeco.

What does the DT preach? Holding, playing below, suffocating the rival and verticality. It will be an aggressive team that seeks to pass over its opponent. He showed it in the preseason and without a doubt the Millionaire will cause people to talk, both locally and in the Copa Libertadores. This yes, will have to find defensive solidity, since many of the errors come from this part of the field and tend to change results.

The players say they quickly understood the coach, let's not forget that part of the coaching staff were players from the squad until the end of last season.

Ups and downs? Some important departures such as Juan Fernando Quintero and Javier Pinola, who became Demichelis's field assistant. But in the face of these losses and some positions in which he seemed more fragile, he was reinforced very well with Kranevitter, Nacho Fernández, Enzo Díaz and Salomón Rondón.

Prediction: Champion or runner-up. It will also give people something to talk about in the Copa Libertadores.

Player to watch: Franco Alfonso 

 The River Monumental can be filled with joy this 2023, and you can enjoy a River Plate game with your host


Xeneize wants to continue on the path of titles, with the reaffirmation of Hugo Ibarra as coach. Was the renewal of Negro correct? At Football Host we believe that it is not the best option for Boca, since for a long time, beyond getting titles, it has not found a style of play.

Boca wants to get, once and for all, the seventh, so perhaps it is time for the youth team in the local tournament, and the lower teams have been paying off, as they have already shown with Varela and Langoni, for example. The Ribera club does not have a defined game model, it wins with fairness and without being showy, many times more due to rival errors than on its own merit. But who are we to judge? The team continues to win titles and that's what counts.

Of course, the Xeneize has a significant loss such as Agustín Rossi, one of those responsible for the last championships obtained by Boca Juniors. Although, his replacement is a renowned player like Chiquito Romero, former goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team.

Prediction: Champion or runner-up, at Football Host we believe that he will not come down from the podium.

Player to watch: Oscar Romero


 Everything ready in the Bombonera to see Boca come out champion again. Will it be possible? 


The Academia wants to continue on the right track, since the arrival of Fernando Gago at the club it has found a way of playing that it likes and that has the unconditional support of its people.

He proposes, does not lend the ball to the rival and has suffocating pressure, those are the strongholds of this team. Although the results are not always what one expects, Racing Club is clear about what it wants and will never give up on its idea. After River, Avellaneda's team is the team that Football Host believes has been best strengthened, with important names like Maximiliano Moralez, Paolo Guerrero and one of the figures from the last tournament Juan Nardoni. On the other hand, they also lost important players like Eugenio Mena, Carlos Alcaraz and Enzo Copetti.

Racing will cause people to talk and will undoubtedly fight for the Libertadores and the local tournament. 

Prediction: At Football Host we believe that Racing can be champion of the local tournament.

Player to watch: Juan Nardoni


The Racing fans are confident that the title this year will not escape. If you want to buy Racing tickets, Football Host makes it very easy for you


This has been a brief analysis of the five great teams in Argentina and the teams that Football Host thinks will be possible title contenders. Next, we tell you about the teams that will fight to avoid relegation: a priori, the bottom of the table.


El Pirata must get points, since as recently promoted, he divides by a single tournament and that makes permanence more difficult.

Belgrano has just shown a very high level in the First National and his style of play is expected to continue in the top flight. Guillermo Farré, coach of the Celeste team, seeks to play directly towards his forwards, although he has no problems coming out from behind, since he has players with good footing.

At home it is a very strong team, it must reinforce everything it has achieved with its visits to the different stadiums in the category. Can it be saved? At Football Host we believe that, although the averages are complicated, Belgrano will have no problem saving himself. It will be a team to pay close attention to.

Prediction: We sense that Belgrano will fight to enter the cup zone.

Player to watch: Ariel Rojas


La Gloria has the same luck as her classic cordobes, she will have to fight against the average. Lucas Bovaglio's team will seek to show that it is up to the First Division. Instituto will be, perhaps, one of the strongest defensive teams in the tournament, that is what Bovaglio preaches. Be strong below and take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Although he had many casualties, he also has reinforcements such as Lucas Albertengo, who will seek to return to the level he was able to show at Atlético Rafaela, and Gastón Lodico, an attacking midfielder who comes from Lanús.

Football Host believes that Instituto will not suffer much to stay in the top flight.

Prediction: Instituto will prowl the mid-table zone.

Player to watch: Gastón Lodico



El Ferroviario is one of the most difficult teams at the bottom of the table, in addition, those led by Leonardo Madelón suffered the exodus of many of their figures from the last tournament.

We all know the game that Leonardo Madelón proposes, Central Córdoba will always seek to make the rival on duty uncomfortable. The coach is an eternal worker and always find the weak points of his opponents, to turn them into points in favor for his team. We believe that if Central Córdoba has a chance of being relegated, it is because of Leonardo Madelón, a specialist.

The Santiago del Estero team has a stellar reinforcement such as Luis Miguel Rodriguez, who after reaching glory with Colón, ended up in Central Córdoba to continue making his legacy even greater.

Prediction: Relegation, although we believe that Madelón can be their salvation card, we do not see a team at the level of the First Division.

Player to watch: Luis Miguel Rodríguez


For FootballHost, this will undoubtedly be the last season of Arse in Primera.

Arsenal is in the worst position in terms of the relegation table, but that's not the only thing. Carlos Ruíz knows that it is almost an impossible mission, since he cannot find a way of playing that will help his team to get out of the bottom half. Without ideas and always giving the ball to the rival, he seeks to group people behind and come out against. In this way, the only thing they will achieve is to sentence their game of the highest category.

Like Central Cordoba, there was a lot of movement in the team, 14 casualties and 19 high, among the most resonant are two of the figures from River's reserve, Felipe Peña Biafore and Flabián Londoño. Hopes are set on the two of them being able to give the team another identity. Will they succeed? We see it difficult.

Prediction: He is undoubtedly the best candidate to lose the category.

Player to watch: Felipe Pena Biafore



Finally, Saavedra's team, Calamar, has a little more air than Central Cordoba and Arsenal, but that is not why they are out of danger.

Promoted in 2021, he comes from acceptable tournaments, but they are not enough to move away from the relegation zone, he also lost strong figures such as Zárate, Bergessio, Bogado and Delgadillo, and he did not have a large transfer market, although he hired 12 players, none is renowned.

Of course, for Football Host, the best reinforcement was on the bench, with the incorporation of Martín Palermo as head coach. The Titan is characterized by imposing his way of playing, with or without names, he always tries to treat the ball well and have possession of it. Strengthen the bases to have security and attack with many people to dominate the rival. It will be nice to see what Platense de Palermo has to show.

Prediction: We see the Palermo team escaping relegation, but not for much more than that.

Player to watch: Vicente Taborda


El Decano comes from being the protagonist in the Binance 2021 Tournament and from obtaining the 5th position in 2022, but despite his good performances in both tournaments he is one of the candidates for relegation.

Lucas Pusineri has already shown what he is capable of as a coach, he made Atletico Tucuman a solid and fierce team, he does not give a ball for loss, but it does cost him the generation of play, although he does not usually miss his opportunities.

Atletico Tucuman had a busy market and lost key players such as Carlos Lampe, one of its figures the goalkeeper of the Bolivian National Team, Ciro Ruis and its scorer Augusto Lotti. The team will have trouble finding replacements for these positions, which will cause they more than a headache.

Although we believe that it will be saved, it will not be easy at all.

Prediction: He is saved from relegation, but he will not be on the front pages as in recent tournaments.

Player to Watch: Guillermo Acosta

And now that the playing fields are ready for the ball to roll, go to the Argentine stadiums, immerse yourself in the fantastic world of the smell of wet grass, mate and smoke, the most original songs, the best previews, the best way to enjoy football. And you already know that thanks to Football Host you can buy tickets for the Argentine league, and also live an authentic experience on match day.


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