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Information about Liverpool FC:

Liverpool Football Club is an english football team situated in Liverpool England. The team was founded in 1892 and is currently playing in the Premier League.

The Reds (for the color of the t-shirt) had their golden decade since 1970 until 1980. On those years the team have won 7 international titles and 11 local titles.

Liverpool FC is one of the most populars teams in England, where their biggest rivals are: Everton and Manchester United.

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Information about Anfield:

The Anfield stadium was built in 1884 and was home ground of Everton until 1892. That year became home ground of Liverpool FC.

The stadium has a capacity for 54.000 fans and is considerated best category by UEFA. The England national team played there and also was used for 1996 EuroCup.

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