What is a Football Host?

Football Hosts are football fans who create unique experiences around their football clubs to share their passion with other fans around the world. Anyone with a unique knowledge about their football team can earn money offering an experience of watching their team as well as meeting other fans from all over the world.

A Football Host will take care of their guests on their visit to their beloved club. They can offer a pre-match experience, take charge of supplying the tickets (if they have them), and if needed offer an after-match experience.

Experience Guidelines

All Football Host experiences are hosted in person by football fans to provide an authentic local fan experience and most importantly good time. All Football Host experiences welcome tourists and travelers to experience the game from an authentic and local perspective, meeting the local football community helping to strengthen the relationships between different clubs and soccer fans around the world.
Every Football host commits to delivering a high-quality experience to their guests, prioritising safety and security above all else, alongside being passionate, personable and trustworthy.

Pre-match:  Think how other fans around the world could experience your pre-match routine. The walk to the ground, the best pubs - the banter!

Match:  You can arrange for your guests to get their tickets so they don't have to worry about a thing. You can buy them tickets, lend them your tickets, get them invitations, we don't get into this, the fan is your guest. It is your duty to make him feel comfortable and safe and it is recommended that he sit next to you.

After-Match: Same as the pre-match, you might have the habit of going for a meal after the match, or just have another drink it’s up to you.

Pre-Match and Match Tickets are compulsory. 

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