About us

Football Host was born with the idea of offering visitors the opportunity to experience real football as it is experienced by local fans. What better way to see how football is really lived in each city than to be accompanied by one of our local hosts? who will show you the pre-match customs and take you with the local fans to live the match in the home section.

All Football Host experiences are hosted in person by the fans themselves, providing a unique and authentic experience that can’t be replicated.

What is Footballhost.com?

Football. The true global game. Whether it’s the Kop at Anfield or standing alongside the ultras at River Plate the fan experience is unique across all corners of this planet.

We believe the true way to really experience football isn’t sat in a padded seat behind a glass screen with a prawn sandwich in hand, it’s in amongst it - with the true fans.

Seeing what they see, chanting what they chant and worshipping alongside them, language barriers are broken down and lifetime relationships are formed.

Until now this has been too hard, too much red tape, too much hassle. Footballhost will change all that.

Would you like to be one of our hosts and earn money by offering your experience to other fans?

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What is an experience?

On our website, for each match you have the possibility to buy tickets or experiences. The experience, apart from including the ticket, includes a pre-match or post-match experience with the host of your choice, who will also accompany you during the match.

Our Football hosts commit delivering a high-quality experience to every guest, prioritising safety and security above all else, alongside being passionate, personable and trustworthy.

Football host experiences consist of:

- Pre match experience: Hosts could pick you up from hotel or accomodation and take you to the ground. Taking the routes the fans take, the best pre- match burger, the most lively bars…

- The Match: Where required hosts can provide tickets to the game. You’ll watch with the host, singing every word, side by side.

- After match: The fun continues (especially after a big win), your Host can take you for a meal or just give some advice on the best places to visit, or even take you back to your hotel.

Each host offers their own service. Just pick up the one you want.

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