Club Deportivo Tenerife: Visit their stadium and their passion.

Club Deportivo Tenerife: Visit their stadium and their passion.

Club Deportivo Tenerife, a name that evokes memories of football glory and passion, has left an indelible mark on Spanish football history. During the 1990s, the team experienced a golden era under the guidance of prominent coaches like Jorge Valdano and Jupp Heynckes, achieving memorable feats that endure in the memories of fans.

Under Jorge Valdano's leadership, CD Tenerife experienced a meteoric rise, establishing themselves in the First Division and standing out for their bold and offensive style of play. The 1992-1993 season was a milestone in the club's history, with a memorable victory over Real Madrid, an achievement etched in the memories of Tenerife fans.

Subsequently, with Jupp Heynckes at the helm, the team continued its ascent, achieving notable successes and captivating fans with their dynamic and exciting style of play. The 1996-1997 season was particularly memorable, with Tenerife reaching the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup, reflecting the level of excellence attained by the team at that time.

Although CD Tenerife currently competes in the Segunda División, their legacy of greatness and passion lives on in the stands of the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium. The football party is guaranteed at every match, with devoted fans tirelessly cheering on the team and creating a unique and unparalleled atmosphere.

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