The great Colocolina experience

The great Colocolina experience

Are you in Chile? Meet Colo-Colo!


Some of us, when we travel, make a mandatory stop at the temple of the city we visit, that is: the stadium of the football team. Therefore, if you are in Santiago de Chile, you must go to the Monumental stadium to enjoy a match of the most successful team in Chile: the Club Social y Deportivo Colo-Colo.

Known as the Cacique for its shield with a Mapuche man as the main figure, Colo-Colo is a prestigious club, the only Chilean club that has managed to win the Copa Libertadores (1991) and a club that has had glorious times with Franz Platko as coach. that "blonde bear" to whom Rafael Alberti dedicated a wonderful poem when he was a Barcelona goalkeeper. Also an albinegra legend is Carlos Caszely, "the King of the square meter", an effective striker who stood out in the Spanish league in the ranks of Levante and Espanyol, and who was also always socially committed off the field.

Lizardo Garrido, Leonel Herrera Rojas, Francisco Valdés, Esteban Paredes, Jaime Pizarro or Chupete Suazo, are other great legends of an almost hundred-year-old club, the most popular in Chile.

In short, if you are touring Santiago, you must visit the Monumental and get to know this club that hooks you.



And there is no better way to meet the great Colo-Colo than with a real fan, like Leonardo, who offers you the experience to become one more fan of the club. So make room in your schedule to enjoy a Colo-Colo match day in an authentic way.

Your experience will begin in one of the club's stores, so that you can purchase the beautiful white Colo-Colo jacket at a good price, with the shield and the eternal crepe tribute to its founder: David Arellano. Already with the attire for the occasion, you will go together with Leo and other fans to one of the bars where Colocolino fans meet. You will mingle with them, you will talk about football, they will teach you the songs, they will tell you the best anecdotes about the team, the latest news about the club... but, in addition, there will be time to snack on the most traditional dishes of the place and to refresh yourself with good beer, or wine, since in Chile they also understand good wines. By the way, wine rhymes with colocolino. You can enjoy both.



Once inside the stadium, you will not stop cheering, and you will enjoy the great atmosphere that the Monumental presents when Colo-Colo plays. Music, flares, smoke, drums and hundreds of black and white flags will wave as you scream and jump with Leo and your new friends. In this stand, yes or yes, it's cold or hot, rain or shine. You're going to have a good time!

Thanks to your unconditional help, Colo-Colo will surely win, and before leaving for your destination you will toast the three points achieved. Afterwards, Leo will accompany you to your destination. Thanks to this experience, you will have made a friend and you will carry Colo-colo and its people forever in your heart. How beautiful is love!



At Football Host we make it possible to access any stadium thanks to the work of our hosts. If you want to get involved in this tide of albinegra flags, do not hesitate to contact us. We take you to the best courts. 







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