Live the full experience of Saprissa with your host Emilio

Vivez l'expérience complète de Saprissa avec votre hôte Emilio


Emilio Baeza, was born in San José in 1991, from an early age he became a fan and supporter of his beloved team, Deportivo Saprissa. At the age of 4, he began to go with his family and friends to watch the matches at the Ricardo Saprissa Aymá stadium, a tradition he follows to this day. This passion for Saprissa has led him to be part of the Peña Saprissa Nous sommes tous, being one of the their representatives leaders. For all that, our host did not hesitate to use Football Host to share his vivre avecfans all over the world who would love to experience a Deportivo Saprissa match. Emilio is hospitable and affable making him the perfect host to accompany visitors on match days.

Saprissa Somos Todos Fans Club

Emilio has several season billets in the Sombra Oeste area of ​​the stadium, undoubtedly the best area to watch the Saprissa matches Direct together with the local fans. The seats are located on the same side where players enter the field, behind the dugout. It is also one of the quietest and safest areas in the entire stadium. Additionally and with a slightly higher price, Emilio also has VIP seats (Club Morado) that include food, padded seats and an even better location. If you want to live a complete football experience, the Saprissa VIP billets are the perfect option.


Ricardo Saprissa Ayma Stadium

The experience will begin in the Central Park of San José, one of the most iconic and oldest places in the city where the famous cathedral is located. From that moment our host will accompany you at all times ensuring your safety first and foremost. After the meeting in the Central Park, Emilio will take you to see the Ricardo Saprissa Ayma stadium, giving you a tour of the south sector and the main access areas of the ground.

Later Emilio will take you to live the Saprissa pre-match, organized by the Peña Saprissa Somos Todos, located in an outdoor car park where beer, pizzas or barbecue are in great supply. On the occasions there are no pre-match events scheduled by the Peña, as an alternative our host will take you to Bar alimentaire, one of the most valued and mythical restaurants of San José, where you can taste the authentic chifrijos and nachos.

At the end of the pre-match you will enter the stadium together and you will be able to watch the game with the company of our host and with the local fans, who will tell you first hand all the details of the Costa Rican team. At the end of the match, Emilio will accompany you back to the same meeting place, in the Central Park of San José.

Emilio host pre-match

In addition, our host is also passionate about photography so he will be able take photos of you and make a full reportage of all your experience.


If you want to live the pre-match with Saprissa fans and watch a match live at Ricardo Saprissa Ayma Stadium, don't hesitate to buy your Saprissa billets on our website and live the experience with Emilio!

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