Sarmiento and the spirit of Pancho

Sarmiento et l'esprit de Pancho

Club d'athlétisme de Sarmiento was founded on April 1, 1911 in the city of Junín, Buenos Aires. le team plays all its matches at the Eva Peron stadium, the only stadium in all of Argentina with a woman's name. The club's history has always been closely linked to politics, which is why the name of the stadium pays tribute to the most important political leader in the history of the country.

Eva Perón

Throughout its extensive history, the team has played matches in almost all categories of Argentine football: Superliga, Primera Nacional, Primera B, Liga Deportiva del Oeste, Amateur Championships… Although where it has been the most seasons is in the Primera Nacional, the second division of the country. In its achievements it has 1 Primera Nacional championship, 3 Primera B and 27 Liga Deportiva del Oeste, being the team with the most titles in this last discipline and the most glorious inside the Buenos Aires province. Its last promotion to the Superliga was in 2014, although after his descent in 2017 the team is currently playing its matches in the second division. As a curious fact, the Sarmiento is the only team of inside of the Buenos Aires province that is affiliated with the AFA (Argentine Football Association), which allows it to participate exclusively in certain tournaments.


Francisco, our host for Sarmiento matches, was born in Junín in 1992 and he has a degree in digital communication. Currently working as a sports journalist, a profession that allows him to enjoy what he loves most in this world: football and his beloved team. His friends know him as "Pancho", in honor of the most famous fan who Sarmiento has ever had, true character who became popular in the 80s for his physical features and garments and for performing spells against the away fans. It became a reference for many fans.    

El hechicero de Sarmiento Pancho

Our host has been a fan of the greens since he was born, as he tells us "it is something that is carried in the family DNA, you are not a fan of Sarmiento by choice but because that is what the family mandate commands." He always goes to the stadium with friends, whom he chooses very well, since if they do not carry the colors of the Sarmiento in their blood, they can hardly be his friends. He does not have friends who do not feel the color green, it is a sine qua non condition for someone to become part of his circle of friends.

He has been a member of the club since the day he was born and he is involved and very actively participates in different fan clubs, such as the Le rocher des fans, where he always goes to all meetings and events to contribute a little bit. We could say that Pancho has been the host all his life, he always accompanies someone he knows to the stadium, he loves to show his passion to other fans and that they feel closely about everything that a Sarmiento match generates.

Our host Pancho (Sarmiento)


Asado Prematch Sarmiento

If you are interested in buying Sarmiento de Junin billets, with Pancho you will be able to live a very complete experience and get to know first hand how is a matchday of El Verde. The Sarmiento experience begins 2 hours before the match kick off, where you will meet your host and his group of friends at the "Carlitos" kiosk, located just 5 blocks from the stadium. On match days this restaurant becomes a sanctuary of the Sarmiento, with countless flags and objects that decorate the walls of the premises. The perfect setting to chat for a bit as well as eat, drink and sing before heading to the stadium. In important games and if weather permits, instead of going to the "Carlitos" kiosk, Pancho will cook you a good Argentine barbecue in a park near the stadium, one of the most typical rituals in the country, which will also have a festive atmosphere. and the crowd of fans drinking and singing the main songs of the team.

Pancho has several season billets located behind one of the goals, without a doubt the best area to enjoy the atmosphere and vibrate with every play, as it is the area where the fans who give their all for their team. An stadium area that does not need seats because during the 90 minutes you will not stop singing and jumping with your host and other fans.

Eva Perón Stadium
At the end of the match, Pancho will take you to eat at one of the best pizzerias in the city, so that you end the matchday in the best possible way, eating a delicious pizza and chatting with your host about the experience lived in the stadium. Later, our host will take you to the meeting point or to your hotel, at which moment your experience with Football Host will end.


If you want to be the guest of Pancho and live a unique experience attending a Sarmiento match, don't hesitate to buy your Sarmiento billets sur Football Host!

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