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  • Information about Alaves:

    The Deportivo Alaves, better known as Alaves, was founded on January 23, 1921 in Vitoria. Javier Berasaluce, Ciriaco, Quincoces, Antero de Audicana, Primitivo Ruiz Díez, Juan Señor, Cosmin Contra, Oscar Téllez, Hermes Desio and Javi Moreno are some of the most important players who have passed to the Basque club throughout history.As for achievements, he will always be remembered for having reached the Europa League final in 2001, which he lost in extra time 5-4 against Liverpool. In 2017 he also reached the Copa del Rey final against FC Barcelona, although he also lost the title.In its long history, the Alaves has ascended to first division 5 times (1930, 1954, 1998, 2005, 2016) of which 4 he won the title of second division.Looking for tickets to see Alaves? Buy your Alaves match tickets and enjoy the best football atmosphere like never before!

  • Information about Mendizorroza stadium:

    The Mendizorroza stadium was inaugurated on April 27, 1924 and currently it has a capacity of 20.000 spectators. It is located in Vitoria, specifically on Cervantes Ibilbidea Street, in the neighborhood of Mendizorroza, in the southern part of the city.It has always been the stadium that has hosted the matches of Alaves, but sometimes it has also been the venue of some matches of the Basque Country National Team.Not having as many seats as other first division stadiums, it offers a unique football experience to live football locally. Get your Mendizorroza tickets on our website and enjoy the matchday with local fans.

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