• Information about Huracán:

    The Club Atlético Huracán, also known as Huracán, is a team founded on November 1, 1908 in Parque Patricios, city of Buenos Aires.
    It is one of the largest teams in the República Argentina. Huracán has 5 Argentine First Division Championships (Asociación Argentina 1921, 1922 y 1925, Asociación Amateurs Argentina 1928 and Metropolitano 1973), 8 National Cups (Stimulus 1920, Ibarguren 1922 and 1925, Escobar 1942 and 1943, British Competition 1944, Argentina Cup 2014 and Argentina Super Cup 2014).
    Buy your Huracán Tickets and live the full experience with a local fan.

  • Information about Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium:

    The Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium, popularly known as El Palacio, was opened in 1947 between the streets Amancio Alcorta and Luna, in a match against Boca Juniors. The capacity of the stadium is 48,000 spectators.Get your Huracan experience and enjoy the best football with local fans.

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