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  • Information about Napoli:

    The Italian city of Napoli is located in the south of the country and has a rich history. It is the only one in the world with 7 castles built thousands of years ago, which are still preserved for visits and tours.
    Also, Napoli has traditions when it comes to its food. Neapolitan pizza and pasta are true delights of the place. But there is also a great football tradition and many memories of Diego Maradona's unforgettable passage through that city, marking a before and after in Neapolitan sport.
    SSC Napoli is the most important team in the city, but without a doubt in this area football is breathed wherever you go and it is very exciting to experience the euphoria of watching a match. Do not hesitate to contact Football Host to ask about the tickets or the complete experience with a local fan.

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