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  • Information about Cornella:

    Unió Esportiva Cornella is a Catalan club, which is located in Barcelona, ​​Spain and has been founded in 1951. Currently, it participates in the First Federation, the third category of Spanish football.
    Good players have emerged from the Cornella academy who have later gone on to teams of higher categories, both nationally and internationally. If you are in Barcelona, ​​buy your tickets to see Cornella and enjoy the experience with a team fan.

  • Information about Nou Estadi Municipal de Cornella:

    The Nou Estadi Municipal de Cornella is the stadium where Cornella plays its home games. It was inaugurated in 2012 and has a capacity to receive 1,500 people.
    The property has a field for 11 people and two annexes for football 7. Visit this stadium and enjoy the experience with a fan. You can get your tickets to see Cornella at Football Host.

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