Tickets to see Napoli, as D10S commands

Napoli is in fashion, if there is no catastrophe, it is only a matter of time before the scudetto arrives, after a long time. We are going to tell you why it is worth buying tickets to go see Napoli,

When Diego Armando Maradona died on November 25, 2020, Argentina had not lifted a World Cup since 1986, and Napoli had not held a scudetto since 1990. In other words, without "el Pelusa" sweating his shirt, neither Argentina nor Napoli had returned to taste the glory

After a turbulent life, Diego has been resting in that great blue cloak we call heaven for some time now and, from there, he watches the successes of the albiceleste and his most beloved clubs: Boca Juniors and Napoli.

Argentina was proclaimed world champion, finally, at the end of 2022, a few weeks before Boca had become champion again, and, if nothing strange happens, the Neapolitans will take to the streets en masse in the coming months to celebrate the title of champions of Italy more than 30 years later. In a few months, Argentines and Neapolitans, going out to celebrate successes that they had been pursuing for decades. Everything as God commands.




Napoli is one of the most difficult cities in Europe to understand. Or of the world. Not even Italy understands a city that the philosopher Benedetto Croce described as "the place where heaven and hell meet", with the menacing gaze of the Vesuvius volcano always eager to drown the Neapolitans in its fiery bath, it seems that Diego Maradona did understand that exaggerated character of the southerners. And in the popular neighborhoods, between the alleys, in every corner, their pagan God is still venerated.

The nostalgia for such a happy past has led to more souvenirs, photographs and graffiti of Diego being found in Napoli than of the footballers who during the modern era have worn the light blue shirt. The entire city is a museum of an era, and of course of the great Argentine legend.

And we have practically just said “welcome” to 2023, and in Napoli an absolute party is anticipated. His club, Napoli, the most exaggerated passion in the city, is in luck and, practicing magical football, has half a scudetto in his pocket and is also aiming high in Europe. Is it possible? Will the Neapolitans return to enjoy the achievements of the past as the Argentines have already done?



Football Host makes it easy for you to travel and enjoy Neapolitan ecstasy. There we have Luca, our host, faithful to the curve, who will accompany you on your Neapolitan experience in the year of delirium. You are going to enjoy a game at the Diego Maradona Stadium and one of the teams that currently plays the best game. But, in addition to football, the southern Italian city keeps another delicious wonder in its coffers: pizza. And Luca has been able to connect in his experience the best flavors of Napoli: football, pizza, and places of worship to the figure of the great Maradona. Together with him, you will learn the secrets of a city of enigmas and hidden corners. Luca will make you feel part of that excessive passion.

So, if you are thinking of traveling to southern Italy, if football tourism is your thing and you want to experience it in the most authentic way, if you are looking to see the fashionable team, if you want to get tickets for Napoli matches, and buy them as well with a plus of emotion, do not hesitate to experience the house of D10s. The next Napoli matches will go down in history, and you can be part of that blessed madness.



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