The biggest neighborhood classic in the world

The biggest neighborhood classic in the world

A neighborhood fight of more than 100 years. The classic between Huracán and San Lorenzo is one of the oldest and is known as "the biggest neighborhood classic in the world." The duel between Huracán and San Lorenzo is considered one of the great matches that Argentine football offers, along with the Superclásico, the Clásico de Avellaneda and the Clásico Rosarino. Are you going to miss it?




Both clubs have always been very close territorially, especially in the beginning, when San Lorenzo had its stadium in Boedo and Huracán, as always, in Parque Patricios. The first meeting between the two was held on April 1, 1915, at the Globo stadium, which at that time was located at Av. Chiclana y Alagón. It was won by Huracán 3 to 1.

Since that friendly match, El Clásico became one of the most exciting matches in the world. An experience that everyone should live and Football Host, thanks to its Huracán host, can make you enjoy it with a good Asado criollo, beer or fernet, and in the stands of the Quemeros, rooting for the local team.

Club Atlético Huracán lived its golden age in amateurism, when it managed to win four championships during the 1920s. In 1973, under the command of a long-haired young man named César Luis Menotti, the club became champion again, playing a cheerful and showy game, and writing one of the great pages in the history of Argentine football.

Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro, for its part, is considered one of the five great Argentine football teams, being one of the most successful clubs in the championship, and one of the teams with the most supporters in Buenos Aires, Argentina and outside of the borders of the country, with supporters clubs and subsidiaries anywhere in the world. El Cuervo, with a glorious history, is Huracán's great historical rival, and vice versa.

Since that first match in 1915, 172 matches have been played between quemeros and el cuervo, with 83 victories for San Lorenzo, 44 ​​for Huracán and 45 draws. Beyond the 39 games that the Catalan team has in its favor, this game will never stop being experienced in a completely different way, and there is a lot of pride at stake.


The fans of Huracán and San Lorenzo have March 5, 2023 marked on the calendar, when they will face each other again at the Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium. A beautiful stadium, almost a hundred years old (1924) considered a historical heritage and that dresses up for the "biggest neighborhood classic in the world".

And Football Host opens the doors of this mythical temple for you, well, our Huracán host opens them for you, who will take you to do the preview with the quemera fans, he will take you into a stand that will roar and with whom, whatever happens that happens, you will celebrate the third half.

Previous, football and post game, as tradition dictates. Or what is the same: walk to the field between red and white flags, Asado criollo, beer, wine or Fernet, songs and drums, entrance to the stadium to cheer on Huracán and a final toast for victory, or for the great friendship with Gonzalo, our host.

The oldest and Buenos Aires classic of Argentine football is played again, and what better than being in it with Gonzalo Leyton, not just a fan of Huracán, a fanatic collector of his club who gives you a unique and unforgettable experience that begins in the second zero, knowing the club and its traditions.

You arrive as a guest and you leave as part of the club. And, without a doubt, the party in the stands is never lacking in this peculiar classic, and on March 5 it is the turn of the Globo to host, and it will surely leave us with open-mouthed the reception that their fans will have. Do you want to be part of it? You cannot miss it, and with us you can enjoy it from the inside. Let the party begin! 


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