Huracan record fan

Huracan record fan


Gonzalo Leyton Host CA Huracán
Gonzalo Leyton was born in Buenos Aires in 1984 and since he was 6 years old he has lived and raised in the Parque Patricios neighborhood, where the Club Atlético Huracán was founded on November 1, 1908.

Gonzalo is undoubtedly a great Globo's fan because he not only follows the team everywhere, also holds the record of being the fan with the largest shirts collection of the red and white club.
His hobby for collecting all kinds of Huracán objects began from a very young age, so that over the years he has managed to gather more than 1000 objects (t-shirts, trousers, socks, tickets, pennants, medals, magazines, newspapers, photos ...).
CA Huracán shirts

A surprising fact of Gonzalo is when we ask him for his references as a child, and he tells us that his idol was not a football player, but the Argentine
boxer Ringo Bonavena, which apart from being one of the best boxers in history, he was a Globo's superfan just like him. That is why the stadium grandstand and gym inside the stadium facilities bears his name, in addition to the commemorative statue of the boxer in front of the clubhouse.
Ringo Bonavena CA Huracán
Gonzalo is also vice-president of the Javier Pastore fan club, formed by fans and members of the Huracan, who organize for trips to other stadiums and constantly make improvement proposals for the club.

In Football Host we are convinced that Gonzalo Leyton is the perfect host for all those who want to live the full experience of Club Atlético Huracán, that is why Gonzalo was excited about the idea of being part of our family and being able to accompany everyone who wishes to meet from inside how the Huracán matches are lived.

Gonzalo has been a member of the Globo for more than 20 years, so with it you can access any part of the field. In the El Palacio stadium, there are no tickets as such, to enter the venue you must be a member of the club. As Gonzalo tells us, “here you don't buy a ticket, here you start to be part of the club”.


The experience with our host begins by going to the team training 4 days before the meeting (as long as the duration of your stay allows it), because as being a member of the club, Gonzalo can accompany you without any problem to see live how the cracks train. There you will have direct contact with the players and the coaching staff and you will have lunch with your host in the sports field.
Ringo Bonavena Grandstand

You will also know the clubhouse where they will provide you with the cards for the match and then Gonzalo will take you to visit the official stores so that, if you wish, you will dress for the occasion. A day before the match, Gonzalo will guide you with the stadium tour, where you can meet and step on all parts of Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium, both internal facilities and grass.
CA Huracán Pre-match
On the day of the game, our host will take you to live the prematch outdoors in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, where you will enjoy, along with the rest of the fans, a good barbecue grilled with wine and beer and surrounded by a totally festive atmosphere.

With a full belly, to the rhythm of the drums and music, you will head to the stadium while you sing the main songs and hymns of the team. A unique football experience in which you will feel part of the local fans and where you can be part of the great fans march that advances towards the stadium, always with the company of your host, who will take care of you at all times.

Once inside the stadium, you can enjoy the game chosen and enjoy the whole experience live, between local fans who surely encourage you to join the party, an incredible feeling that you will surely not forget.
CA Huracán fans

At the end of the match, Gonzalo will take you to the mixed zone, where the press and the players meet to make post-match valuations, so you can see the players for the last time. Then our host will accompany you personally to your hotel or residence.

Gonzalo is an excellent tourist companion who, in addition to providing you with the complete experience of Atlético Huracán, can also guide you through the city and all kinds of recommendations to make your stay in Buenos Aires unforgettable.


If you want to live the experience with the Club Atlético Huracán fans and watch a match at the Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium with your host Gonzalo Leyton, do not hesitate to buy your Huracán tickets on Football Host!

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