Sant Andreu vs Europa. The Barcelona Classic

Sant Andreu vs Europa. The Barcelona Classic


Barcelona, ​​Sunday April 2, the date marked on the calendar of true football lovers in Barcelona. We are not referring to one of the many classic Barça-Madrid, we are not referring to any agonizing Espanyol match, in the football calendar of the Catalan football fan the date of Sant Andreu vs. Europa is marked in red, historical and territorial derby, match between neighborhood clubs that were nearby towns and that in 2023, in addition, reach the last rounds fighting for the league title and, therefore, promotion. It is, without a doubt, the game of the year.

The hidden Barcelona keeps this party a secret, which is attracting more and more followers. Almost summer sun and beer in hand, the fans of the two teams will give color to the stands of the Narcís Sala stadium that will recall the beautiful images of football of yesteryear. Typhoons, flares, smoke, drums, chants... the best atmosphere in a derby that is an ode to modest football.

The ancient Narcís Sala, the house of Sant Andreu, will dress up next Sunday and will hang the no tickets sign despite having a capacity of 6,570 spectators. The party in the stands, as in the first leg at the Nou Sardenya, will be served.



Two historic clubs:

In 1900 football arrived in the Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Andreu and it did so at the hands of a colony of Scottish workers who founded the Scottish Football Club. Once the team that kicked a ball in the neighborhood was dissolved, a group of young people from Andreu founded Club Z, the origin of C.F Andreuenc, which in turn would end up being the club that is now called Unió Esportiva Sant Andreu.

Since its founding in 1909, UE Sant Andreu has had several golden ages, playing in the Second Division and facing the best teams in Spain in the Copa del Rey. During the Franco regime, the shield and the colors of his shirt (the senyera) were intervened by the regime, but with the arrival of democracy he was able to recover them.

The Club Esportiu Europa was born in Vila de Gràcia on June 5, 1907, and attracts attention both for its name and for its unmistakable clothing, that beautiful white and blue Vélez Sarsfield-style scapula shirt, which everything indicates that they took from Birmingham City on a visit to Barcelona during the 20s of the English team. In those years the club had its golden age and was the founder of the League. In 1923 he was also runner-up in the Cup. Already in the 1990s, he achieved an important feat, winning the Catalan Cup against Barça on two occasions, something he repeated in 2015 against Girona. In addition, the club has a very good women's football section.

The party of the year:

The glories will return to quadribarrats and escapulats, but the path will be easier for the winner of the next derby. Sant Andreu welcomes the leader of Europa with the enthusiasm that a victory will change the lead in their favor. Thanks to Football Host, you can buy your ticket for this Catalan football classic, for a match with a unique atmosphere that never disappoints. On Sunday, April 2, at 6:05 p.m., do not hesitate to visit the Narcís Sala stadium. You can buy your tickets here.

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