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  • Information about Boston River:

    Club Atletico Boston River is a Uruguayan team that was founded in 1939. Since 2016, the club is part of the First Division. The name of the team is due to two things: on the one hand "Boston" is for a painting and "River" for the renowned Argentine club of which the first president of the team was fan.
    His team colors are red and green. This team have more and more followers since a historic achievementin 2022. He finished fourth and earned a place in the Copa Libertadores. Buy your tickets to see Boston River and live an unforgettable experience with a local fan.

  • Information about Complejo Rentistas:

    The Complejo Rentistas is the Boston River stadium, located in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was inaugurated in 1998 and has a capacity to receive more than 8,200 spectators. Since Boston River does not have a stadium, it uses the Complejo Rentistas, which is very comfortable for the fans. Get your tickets to see the Boston River and enjoy the full experience with a Uruguayan fan.

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