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  • Information about Celta B:

    Real Club Celta de Vigo B is a Spanish team, which is a subsidiary of Real Club Celta de Vigo. Its beginnings date back to 1927 and at that time the group was known as Celta Turista. It was not until 1989 that it became a subsidiary of Celta de Vigo.
    Celta B currently participates in the First Federation, the third category of Spanish football. Great players like Jorge Otero, Michel Salgado and Borja Oubiña have come out of their quarry.
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  • Information about Campo Municipal de Barreiro:

    The Municipal Field of Barreiro is where Celta B plays its home games, with a capacity to receive more than 1,100 spectators, after the remodeling carried out in 1988 by the Vigo City Council. In 2016, remodeling tasks were also carried out that made the property more beautiful.
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