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Information about Deportivo Armenio:

The Club Deportivo Armenio has been founded in 1962, in the province of Buenos Aires by a group of Armenians who were living in Argentina. His football team participates in the Primera B Metropolitana, the third category, where his biggest rival is San Miguel. 

Undoubtedly, their most successful and remembered season was that of 1987/1988, when in addition to achieving promotion to the first category, they managed to beat River and Boca. Get your tickets and enjoy with a fan the experience of the preview, the match and the post match. 

Information about the Armenia Stadium:

Deportivo Armenio spent many years playing as a local in the Platense stadium, until in 1992 they opened their own sports venue. The Armenian stadium is located in Escobar, in the province of Buenos Aires, and has a capacity for 8,000 people. Buy tickets to see Deportivo Armenio and live a unique experience with a local fan.

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