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Information about Logroñes:

Unión Deportiva Logroñés is a Spanish football club, which was founded in 2009 and is located in Logroño, La Rioja. His shirt is striped white and red and his team is growing, as well as his fans.

Logroñés currently plays in the First Federation, the third category of Spanish football and seeks to return to the second division. Without a doubt, his matches are very exciting. Live the experience with a host and get your tickets to see Logroñés!

Information about Las Gaunas Municipal Stadium:

The Las Gaunas Municipal Stadium was inaugurated by the Logroño City Council in 2002 in order to have a sports venue for the city's teams. Currently, the stadium is used for both the Unión Deportiva Logroñés and the Sociedad Deportiva Logroñés to play as locals.

This stadium has a capacity for more than 16,000 and in addition to hosting football matches, it hosts rugby teams and even has a tradition every January 5. The Three Wise Men arrive by helicopter. Without a doubt, it is a place worth visiting. Enjoy the experience with a fan and buy tickets to see Logroñés.

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