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  • Information about Linense:

    Real Balompédica Linense, better known as Linense, is a Spanish football team that was founded in 1912, although it began to compete officially in 1921. Currently, it participates in the First Federation, the third category of Spanish football.
    The Linense is located in Cádiz, Andalusia, and has a large fan that encourages it in each of its matches. You can live the experience together with a fan by buying your Linense tickets at Football Host and choosing the perfect host.

  • Information about Municipal de la Línea Stadium:

    The Municipal Stadium of La Línea de La Concepción is located in Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain. The sports venue was inaugurated in 1970, as a replacement for the previous stadium.
    The stadium has a capacity for 10,800 spectators, although an expansion is planned to reach 12,000. You can be one of them, it's very simple: choose your host, buy your tickets to see Linense and live a spectacular experience.

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