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  • Information about Angers SCO:

    The Angers Sporting Club de l'Ouest, simply known as Angers is a french football club that plays in Ligue 1 of France. FC Nantes is his most important rival in France.
    Angers was founded in 1919 and had two chances of became champion, but finally was runner-up in Cup of France 1957 and Cup of Ligue 1992.
    Get your Angers tickets and enjoy a spectacular experience!

  • Information about Stade Raymond Kopa:

    The Stade Raymond Kopa is the Angers stadium, located in Angers, France. The stadium was inaugurated in 1912 by the name of Stade Jean Bouin.
    In 2017, the stadium changes the name in honor of the french football player Raymond Kopa, whose debut was in Angers.
    The Stade Raymond Kopa is able to receive 18.000 fans and is a great place to visit and enjoy. Get your Angers tickets and live the full experience with a local fan.

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