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  • Information about Benevento:

    Benevento Calcio, simply known as Benevento, is an italian football team located in Benevento, Campania. The Club was founded in 1929 and re-founded in 2005. The team´s colours are yellow and red, and their badge features yellow and red stripes and the black image of a witch.How to book Benevento tickets: Select your match, choose your host and live a fantastic football experience with local fans!

  • Information about Stadio Santa Colomba:

    This stadium was opened in 1979 as Stadio Santa Colomba. In 2010 The stadium changed its name to Ciro Vigorito, in honour of a Benevento Calcio President. Its currently capacity is about 13.000 seats.Get your Ciro Vigorito tickets and enjoy live Benevento upcoming matches.

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