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  • Information about Cadiz:

    Cadiz is a Spanish city, belonging to the autonomous community of Andalusia. This island located in the Iberian Peninsula and many cruise ships and ocean liners arrive at its port.
    Its architecture, with several monuments that still remain from 1800, makes this city a fascinating place to visit, to also discover flamenco dancing and its typical dishes, such as shrimp tortillas, marinated dogfish or potatoes with cuttlefish.
    Football is also part of their culture. Cadiz C.F. plays in the Spanish First Division, but there are also smaller teams like Balon de Cadiz C.F. or U.D. Cadiz.
    If you want to witness a match in Cadiz, you can do it in style. Contact Football Host and ask for tickets or for the complete experience with a local fan, who will take you to share the preview of the match, the match and the post.

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