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  • Information about Deportivo Riestra:

    Deportivo Riestra Asociación de Fomento Barrio Colón, better known as Club Deportivo Riestra, is an argentinian football team, located in Buenos Aires. The team is currently playing in Primera Nacional, the Second Division in Argentina.
    The club was founded in 1931 in Nueva Pompeya and is not only the football team that is important for the club. Deportivo Riestra also host social and cultural events, like chess matches.
    Get your Deportivo Riestra tickets and live the experience with a local fan.

  • Information about Estadio Guillermo Laza:

    Estadio Guillermo Laza is the Club Deportivo Riestra stadium, located in Villa Soldati, Buenos Aires, with a capacity for 3.000 spectators.
    The stadium was inaugurated in 1993 and had remodelations years after. Is a great place to visit and enjoy a match with a local fan. Choose your match, choose your host and buy your Deportivo Riestra tickets.

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