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  • Information about Heidenheim:

    The 1. FC Heindenheim 1846 was founded on August 14, 1846 in the German city of Heindenheim an der Brenz. Tim Göhlert, Ingo Feistle, Alper Bagceci, Marc Schnatterer, Robert Leipertz, Adriano Grimaldi, Florian Niederlechner, Denis Thomalla, Tim Kleindienst and Maximilian Thiel are some of the most important players in club history.The best years for the team were from the 21st century, when the team won the Regionalliga Süd in 2009 (fourth German division) and the third division in 2014, ascending for the first time in its history to 2.Bundesliga.How to get 1. FC Heindeinheim 1846 tickets? Choose your match, choose a host, buy your FC Heindenheim tickets and live the pre-match & match with local fans!

  • Information about Voith-Arena Stadium:

    The Voith-Arena Stadium is located in Heidenheim an der Brenz, in Baden- Württemberg, Germany. Is the home of 1. FC Heindeinheim 1846, that is playing in 2. Bundesliga.
    The stadium was inaugurated on September 4, 2010, with a capacity for 15.000 fans. Get your Voith-Arena tickets and enjoy the experience with your Heindenheim host.

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