• Information about Hércules CF

    Hércules de Alicante is a Spanish football club based in Alicante, Valencia. Founded in 1922, the team has gone through various stages in the Spanish football divisions, including periods in La Liga. Their stadium, the Estadio José Rico Pérez, is an iconic venue in the city. Throughout its history, Hércules has experienced notable moments, and its passionate fan base has played a significant role in keeping the football tradition alive in the region.
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  • Information about Estadio José Rico Pérez

    The José Rico Pérez Stadium is a football stadium located in Alicante, Spain. Inaugurated in 1974, it is named after José Rico Pérez, the former president of Hércules de Alicante CF. With a capacity that has varied over the years, the stadium has witnessed numerous significant football events, including La Liga matches. In addition to hosting Hércules' matches, the stadium has also been used for concerts and other cultural events. Its presence stands out in the city, contributing to Alicante's rich sporting tradition.

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